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Bioscreen C MBR Software

The Bioscreen C MBR is currently delivered with the BioScreener™ software. It generates from the EZExperiment software, which with the help of user feedback was further developed into the current BioScreener™ SW. The BioScreener™ software is downwards combatible and it can be used with all Bioscreen C instruments.

Current Bioscreen C MBR users without BioScreener™ software can purchase a license for a separate fee. Please consult your local distributor for pricing and a free trial version.

There are also third party commercial softwares available to be used with Bioscreen C MBR.

More information from this link: Transgalactic / Research Express



All use of the BioScreener or any 3rd party Software is done entirely at the users own risk.
Oy Growth Curves Ab Ltd. assumes no liability for any problems the user of the software might encounter, including but not  limited to any loss of data, samples or any of the similar.