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Bioscreen C MBR - the "Classic Bioscreen"


This is the original Bioscreen C that is still in production today. It was first launched back in 1985.

It was the cutting edge instrument designed for automating routine microbiology work. It includes both an incubator, shaking functions as well as a broad range of filter wavelength alternatives. The system has proven to be extremely robust and reliable, as it will run for many years and provide its users with effective data for their growth curve experiments with some regular service.

Over the years over 1000 Bioscreen C instruments have been sold to most of the top universities and microbiology laboratories around the world. The majority of these are still in continuous daily use today because of the Bioscreen’s great versatility, unbeatable robustness and usability. 

The production of the Bioscreen C MBR still continues today, with some software modifications that has made the instrument even more flexible. We are also committed to service and provide spare parts and accessories for the existing instruments for years to come.